A clean working environment contributes to happy and productive employees. That is why United Channel is devoted to making sure that cleanliness is of the utmost importance in your office.

Clean offices create a good impression on people who visit for meetings, appointments or trainings. From wiping the windows to vacuuming the carpet, our cleaning services will make your working spaces spick and span in no time. Our thorough offices cleaning will give you the satisfaction of working in an immaculate and spotless office.

A clean house always means a happy house. You need to make your house look neat and tidy in order to stay healthy at the end of the day. Accumulation of dirt and filth will result in dust mites, causing trouble for people who are afflicted by allergic reactions. Allergens, germs and micro organism thriving on the surfaces could make you ill.

Keep the sanitization and hygiene of your office to the highest standards with our professional cleaning services. Our cleaners are well-trained to deliver the high standards of professionalism at all times. Since our inception, we have had the pleasure of servicing clients all over Singapore. We are committed to providing a satisfactory and professional service while building long lasting relationships with our clients.

Are you struggling to keep your home clean due to your hectic schedule? Do you dream of having a clean and organised home for you and your family without sacrificing your weekends and family time? Keeping your home clean is often a challenge to those who have a busy work schedule. This is why ad-hoc service becomes very helpful. Seeking the service of professional cleaners is a hassle-free and practical solution to survive this plight. At UC Cleaning, our trained cleaning professionals can thoroughly and quickly clean up your home based on your requirements.