1)  What is mattress steaming?

Mattress steaming is a technique where you use a special steaming machine that produces steam at almost 200 degrees. It helps to kill and remove the large amount of bacteria and possible bugs that have been absorbed or crawling into your mattress.

2)  What is the process? Is any harsh chemical involved?

As mentioned above, a steam of around 200 degrees will be produced and no chemical will be used. A special steaming machine is used.

3)  What are the benefits of steam cleaning compared to dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning can only be used for curtains and cannot be used for mattresses and sofas (Fabrics only). No chemicals are used for the steaming process, as opposed to dry cleaning.

4)  How much does it cost?

 The separate charge depends on the items to be steamed; curtains, roller blinds, mattresses, sofas, etc.